The Adventures and Misadventures of the Lion and the Bear: Part Three


We moved up the street towards the next bar a mile away. Now my traveling partner had no limits on speed in as much as I have no limits on strength and I was confident if we came to a pugilistic bout between us and some locals our jaws and mixed attributes would see us prevail however in this walk our differences were shown as Leo moved like the wind and I like a boulder be pushed uphill by lesser men then either I or The Lion, for we were Gods. take that as you will.

We continued on about a mile and a half up the road to the next bar. We were on the cusp of arriving and we discussed our next trip already to a place called the Odditorium. We realized something fishy when we showed up.


Fishy indeed

On to the next bar! Another mile and a half jaunt at this time the cool mountain air was taking the place of the warm whiskey feeling and I was glad to keep Leo’s pace if for nothing else than to stay warm, Bugger the soreness from our hikes and sitting in the car for long hours. We arrived at the Odditorium and it seemed to me to be the most boring punk rock bar I had ever been to. No fights, No fucking in the corner, no general feeling of having not a care in the world, no air of mental instability somehow permeating out of the walls.

I feel like it was a thursday and the lights were on and the train stations hadn’t dropped off the train hoppers reliving the grapes of wrath. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

I was surrounded by pseudo punks more obsessed with style then living the real life black flag lifestyle. I was again faced with Modernity, the great evil!

The Lion and I peaked around catching strange glances from the black and flannel wearing posers of a once beautiful and violent movement towards wondrous anarchy. We didn’t fit in wearing our strange assortment of clothes that parishioners at a real punk music establishment would have thought was just swell. We were being ourselves. Freshly cleaned (although soiled from the night thus far) from the road dirt and stink that permeates everything when you’re on the road. We weren’t wearing matching clothes most likely and probably seemed like animals to the domesticated fucking punks around us. The love in my heart at having seen the old renewed at the Double Crown had worn off significantly. We had one drink each and hailed an uber back to Asheville and to our resurrection and demise.

Bar seven is hard to remember fully. My drunkenness had come back on and we had the uber driver drop us off near the bar. We walked into a bar where a small group was doing there best rendition of don’t stop believing on the overly loud Karaoke machine and Leo and I  joke about songs we should sing, his pertaining to thoughtful raps that would force the drunkards in here to collapse into thoughtfulness where as I believed that Pure Old School Norwegian Black Metal would surely have the faces of these folks transformed into unholy grimaces and I would lead the dark surge towards the nearest church that needed to be burned as an offering to Satan and as recompense for Constantine’s destruction of the pillar that holds up the sky. However we resigned ourselves into throwing jokes back and forth while sipping strange beers until Jake saw something that piqued his interest. A pretty girl in a flowery dress. He advised against me taking covert glances as she was behind me but I made clandestine movements and saw and agreed with Leo’s choice in possible female partners. We continued to drink while continuing to make jokes about the things we saw and sought but I noticed Leo was still stealing glances at the pretty girl in the dress. She went outside with her friend and I told the Lion that I would Goose his Maverick.

I followed the girl in the flower dress and her friend outside and found them about two steps away, I asked for a cigarette and started to talk to ask them. They were both in Asheville from Nashville getting masters degrees’ in psychology. The friend left and I had to tell the girl in the floralnosocdeanmoriarty dress my real mission there. People tend to respond well to honesty. She seemed interested and slightly take aback. At about that time, her friend returned and soon after that Leo came out, we finished our cigarettes and talked and were having a good time. The girls heard their names called to sing karaoke and they ran inside, we started following them in but Lion paused a moment. We didn’t go in, we left. We started walking back to the hostel. Silently.

I think when you spend any amount of time on the road you can’t help but learn some things about yourself. I don’t think anything but the burning that all men feel to produce another generation would have been falsely sedated that night. The Lion walked away I feel because he knew that it wasn’t his loins that was burning but something less carnal.

We made it back to the hostel. We washed up and headed to bed. Tomorrow we were moving onto Tennessee and Charlie’s Bunyon. Air clean of brake dust and veins clean of alcohol.

See you in two weeks fuckers.

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